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Claim A St Louis Cardinal

Claim your favorite cardinal

Claim a St Louis Cardinals Player
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Okay so their are alot of claims communities out their. You can claim everything from actors,to bands,to songs. So i wanted to make one for one of my favorite baseball teams the St Louis Cardinals


1)You can claim 3 playes. You can also claim THINGS of players, i.e. "Scott Rolen's eyes".So you can have 2 players and one thing or two things and one short stop. Or you can just have 3 players and no things.

2)The players can only be claimed by two different people.

3)You MUST specify the team your player (or thing) is on. If you do not, then your entry will be ignored.

4)It would also be nice if you could link back to this Community in your user info.

5)Please friend this community.that way you can keep an eye out for any updates on community.

6)Feel free to advertise any communities you've created or are in - just be sure that it is baseball related.

To post your claim, Include your name, the 3 players(or things) your claiming.


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